TAMPCO Pedals and Amplifiers SAS, share capital of 1000 €, SIREN 900 521 428 R.C.S. EVRY

The company

TAMPCO Pedals and Amplifiers has a goal: promoting solid-state amplification et give it his merits back !

But this quest takes time and needs dedication ! Our range of effect pedals - and soon amplifiers - is there to give you new sounds and sonic territories to explore, and let you find your own Tone.

The team

"I only wanted the best, that's why I work alone."

Joke aside, many people want to start a company building pedals. All the builders have different knowledge, education, a unique vision of music, and design their products accordingly. I work both using my theoretical knowledge learned in my engineering school, and by ears, playing guitar myself.

A Signature

I want to stay authentic

I'm always happy to answer my fellow musicians' questions! Feel free to send me an email if you want to talk about anything, and be sure to check out my pedal nerd videos on YouTube