Last updated on : Feb 04th 2022

This privacy policy aims at explaining our commitment when dealing about our users privacy when navigating on (the « Website ») exploited by TAMPCO Pedals and Amplifiers SAS

The Privacy Policy and Terms of Use together form an agreement. All the terms in capital letters which are not defined in the Privacy Policy can be found in the Terms of Use.

When navigating on our website, we can use your personal data as per the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of April 27th 2016 (« GDRP ») and the following conditions.

A piece of personal data can be any information about a physically identified or identifiable person. We collect and process personal data in order to provide our Services or communication about those Services exclusively, in conformity with the GDRP.

We only collect the relevant pieces of personal data. We will never ask you what can be considered as "sensitive" personal data, like racial origins or ethnicity, political, philosophical or religious opinions.

By creating an account on the Website, you are allowing use to process your personal data as explained in the Privacy Policy. If you refuse the terms of the Privacy Policy, please leave the Website and don’t use our Services.


1. In what cases do we collect your personal data and what is collected ?

We may collect and keep your personal data, especially when you

Navigate on the Website

Create your account

Proceed to a payment

Write a comment on the Website

Contact us.

We use your personal data in order to correctly manage our Website Services and answer your questions. We also use your personal data to improve our Services, our processes and our Website. These information are only used by us and help to match our Services with your expectations.

If you decided to receive messages and e-mails from us when creating your Account, you will receive e-mails about our products and offers. We will then use the personal data your provided when registering on the Website. You can unsubscribe from these messages at any moment.

1.1 Navigating on the Website

Connection data. Each time you connect to our Website, we will receive personal data like your IP address and the MAC address of your computer, the date et time of connection as well as information about the web browser you are using.

Navigation data. We will also collect data to understand how you access the Website, which pages you are navigating to and for how long. We may need the use of Cookies as stated in paragraph 6 below.

1.2 Creating an Account

An Account is neede in order to access all of our Services. As per the Terms of use, we will ask you some personal data when creating your Account, especially your full name, shipping and billing addresses, e-mail address and phone number.

1.3 Payment

Some of our Services are not free. You accept that we will resort to third party services which may collect your personal data in order to process your credit card or any other mean of payment, as well as for shipping your goods or any other services.

In order to proceed to the payment, you will have to let us know your billing address, as well as your payment method and any other info needed, like your credit card number, date of validity, security code and the name of the owner of said credit card, in the case of a credit card payment.

We may also ask you for your Telecom operator, the model of your mobile phone and a valid phone number in order to send you the payment instructions directly through your mobile phone.

We keep the details of your payments as well as the details of the goods you are ordering through us. The details dealing with the transaction is kept either in our systems or our subcontractors’ systems. These details are only used for internal goals like accountability and legal conformity, as per paragraph 5 of the Policy.

1.4 Subscription to our Newsletter

When creating your Account, you can allow us to send you informational e-mails regarding news, new products, services and offers related to our Services.

You can also give your consent for receiving this content by writing your e-mail address down in the corresponding place in our Website.

In any way, you can cancel your subscription to our newsletter at any moment and free of charge as per paragraph 6 of the Policy.

1.5 Contacts

In order to answer any of your question and provide the best service to our Customers, or to confirm with you any information, we will use your full name, e-mail address and phone number.

2.     How do we keep your personal data safe ?

We have taken measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your personal data to prevent them from being damaged, modified, or use by malicious third-parties. We ensure an appropriate security level, in accordance with the current knowledge in cyber-security, its costs, as well as the risks and their probabilities.

However, no security is perfect and we cannot guarantee a full security of your personal data.

Moreover, you are responsible of your Account password confidentiality. Do not communicate this password to anyone. If you share your electronic devices, don’t forget to log out of your Account.

3.     In which cases do we share your personal data

3.1 Other companies

When navigating the Website, your personal data may be transmitted to external subcontractors. These subcontractors are mandated by us in order to maintain our Services and the credit card payment system in a working order.

No personal data will be transferred outside of the EU.

Our subcontractors only process your personal data in order to help us provide our Sercices, with the exception of when you agree to a third-party Privacy Policy and Terms of Use which are its owns.

We will never share your personal data without your consent to third-party companies for commercial or marketing purposes.

3.2 Authorities

We may need to give your personal data to any legal or administrative authority when these data are needed to identify or prosecute anyone attempting to our rights, our users’ rights or any third-party’s rights. We might also have to cooperate in providing these information legally and can’t oppose to it.

4.     How long do we keep your personal data ?

We will only keep your personal data when you are logged in on our website in order to identify and keep a trace of your connection, and provide our Services.

If you ask to delete your account, your personal data will be deleted and only kept as an archive in order to prove your rights or agreements done prior to the deletion.

We will not keep your personal data for longer that what is needed regarding why they are being used, as exposed to this Privacy Policy and in respect with the laws and rules.

5.     Cookies : how do we use them ?

5.1       What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a file that may be left in a device when navigtaing on our Website with a web browser. A cookie file can help to identify its owner for as long as it is valid, as well as the device used to navigate.

Cookies allowed on your devices with your consent will be destroyed 13 months after their initial deposit on your device.

5.2       Why are these cookies useful on our Website ? 

The cookies we generate let us :

Establish statistics about elements of our Website, like how many content are visited, helping us improving the attraction and ergonomy of the Website, of our Products and our Services.

Adapt the display of our Website to your device, the language used, screen resolution and so on, when you navigate on our Website and depending on the device and web browser you are using.

Remember information you wrote down in a form, like your Account, or related to Products or Services you chose to use on our Website, like your shopping cart.

Let you access to personal spaces on the Website, like your Account, through your credentials, and help us improve your security measures, like when you are asked to log in after a certain time of inactivity.

When navigating on the Website, social media cookies may be generated through the use of social media share buttons which collect personal data.

When navigating our Website for the first time, a cookies banner will show up. A clickable link will let you know more about cookies and their use, and will send you back to this Privacy Policy. Continuing the navigation to another section of the Website or selecting an element of the Website – like images, text, links… - materialize your consent for deposing cookies on your device.

5.3       How can you control the cookies used ?

You can configure your web browser at any moment so that cookies are saved in your device, or deleted from your device, either automatically or depending on the website. You can also configure your web browser so that it will ask your about keeping or rejecting cookies before they are saved on your device.

Warning : every configuration may modify your journey on the internet et your access to different services that use cookies. We decline all responsibilities about the consequences of a degraded navigation due to the impossibility to save or use cookies that are needed for our Services and that you have rejected or deleted. That woul especially be the case for the services used to identify yourself, like the use of an Account, or when us or our subcontractors could not recognize your device for technical compatibility, its language parameters, display settings or the country in which it seems to be connected to internet. 

5.4       How to set up your web browser ? 

Each web browser is different in its configuration. Your browser’s help menu will help you in setting it up for the use of cookies. Here are some information about the most common web browsers.

Internet Explorer / Edge

In Internet Explorer, click on the Tools button, then Internet options. In the General menu, under Navigation history, click on Parameters. Click on the Display files button.


Go to the web browser Tools, then select the Options menu.

In the window that pops up, choose Privacy and click on Display cookies.


Go in the Parameters through the Safari > Preferences menu.

Click on Confidentiality.

Google Chrome                

Go in the Parameters through the button on the right of the URL bar, or through the Chrome > Preferences menu.

Select Advanced parameters.

Click on Content parameters, then on Cookies.

For more information about cookies, please check out the official GRDP website.

6.     What are your rights ?

You are the only one to give us access to personal data we collected through the Website. In compliance with the laws regarding the protection of personal data, and articles 15 to 22 of GDPR, and after proving your identity, you can ask us for the personal data we keep about you, as well as their modification or deletion.

Moreover, in the limits allowed by the law, you have the right to refuse the processing of your personal data, limit it or decide ot the use of your data after using them, withdraw your consent at any moment.

You can contact our Services to use your rights to the following e-mail address : rodolphe (at) or the following postal address : 12 rue Charles de Gaulle, Bat B1, app 8, 91400 ORSAY, FRANCE, by joining a proof of identity with your demand.

Moreover, you can unsubscribe at any time from our newsletter by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each e-mail. You can also unsubscribe by sending a message to the following e-mail address : rodolphe (at)

7.     Can we modify the Policy ?

We may modify the Policy at any time. Consequently, you should often consult it. In case of modification, we will publish changes on this page and at places we judge appropriate depending on the object and the importance of the changes made.

Your use of our Website after all change means that you are accepting the changes. If you don’t accept the most significant changes of the current Privacy Policy, you should stop using the Website.

For all question regarding your personal data, or if you want to delete your account, please contact us at the following postal address : 12 rue Charles de Gaulle, Bat B1, app 8, 91400 ORSAY, FRANCE, by indicating "Privacy Policy – data protection"), or by email at the following address : rodolphe (at)